Gender Differences In 'Snow White' By The Grimm Brothers

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As seen throughout history, humans have a tendency to separate themselves based on differences such as gender, class, religion, age. For example, gender separates humanity into two groups, being male and female. Gender also dictates the daily life of people because they are expected to act, think, and be a certain way based solely on their gender. Women are expected to do easy jobs because they are not seen as capable of taking care of themselves. Additionally, it is anticipated for women to rely and attend men their whole lives. It is also assumed men need to do the hard work and take care of women, as well as using women for their own needs. This lens of gender is included in many fictional arts by their creator, either consciously or subconsciously.…show more content…
Snow White by the Grimm brothers is a German fairy tale about the life of a princess named Snow White. Snow White lives with her stepmother, a Queen who fears Snow White 's beauty is greater than her own. As a consequence, Snow White is forced to work as a filthy house maid, maintaining the Queen more beautiful. The Queen confirms her beauty with a magic mirror every day by asking it “Who in this land is the fairest of all?" For many years, the mirror appeased the Queen by telling her that she was the “fairest one in the land.” One day, the mirror suddenly tells the Queen that Snow White is the fairest one of all. The Queen becomes so furious and envious, she sends her personal Huntsman to lead Snow White into the forest and kill her. In the forest, the Huntsman feels that he cannot kill Snow White and tells her to run away. After running for a long time, Snow White finds an old cottage deep in the woods which she believes to be abandoned. Later on, she finds out that seven dwarfs live there. They tell her she can stay as long as she does all the housekeeping while they go mining. While Snow White is doing her work at the Dwarf’s house, the Queen once again consults her magic mirror. The magic mirror reveals Snow White is alive, and the Queen becomes infuriated. She becomes determined to kill Snow White and disguises herself as an old peddler. Arriving at the cottage, the Queen offers Snow White a beautiful lace to take as a present. As Snow White takes a lace, the Queen tightly ties her up with the lace, and Snow White faints. The Queen walks away, leaving Snow White to die. Luckily, the Dwarfs return just in time and save Snow White by removing the lace. The Queen finds out about Snow White’s survival and tries to murder her again with a poisoned comb. The Dwarfs save Snow White again, angering the Queen so much she resorts to dark magic as a third and final attempt to get rid of Snow White. The Queen makes a poisoned apple and disguises herself as a farmer’s
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