Gender Differences In The 1940s And 1950's

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Throughout this paper you will read about these three topics, marriage, general roles, and sexual orientation. Overtime, society values and norms have been evolved. Things through the early 1900s until now have changed.
People now at a really young age live with their partner before getting married because some are afraid to take the big step off getting married. For example young teenagers attempt to live with their girlfriend or boyfriend at a young age before marriage. People file a divorce through their lawyers and get it to the person they're trying to divorce. Nowadays it is more easier to file for a divorce because they just have to sign a paper saying they do want to divorce. In other words people back then thought if you divorce or get divorce you would be seen as a failure. As to now if you're not happy with the person you're with than you would file for divorce and go your separate ways. For this reason people in the 1940s and 1950s believed that divorces were regarded as a deviant behavior and a failure.
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In other words both men and women support their families. Back in the days women couldn't work because they were seen weak and thought only men would be able to handle jobs. For this reason women weren't able to work only men were allowed. Women would only be housewives but now things have changed. If women want to work, they can. For, example there are women who work at factories, construction, and many other jobs just like men do. Particularly women's responsibilities were to deal with house duties only as now you could stay with your kids at home or you could work if they

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