Gender Differences In The Gender Wage Gap

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For hundreds of years women have fought for equality. For jobs, education, the right to vote, or even the right to earn the same pay as men – something that women in 2015 are still fighting for. Wage gap – two words, seven letters, and two syllabuses’. Who ever thought something that’s spelled so simply could cause chaos around the globe. I bet you’re wondering, “What is ‘the wage gap’?” I’ll tell you. The wage gap is a comparison on how much the average woman makes less than the average man working in the same field of work. Women usually think the wage gap doesn’t affect them, but oh boy it does. Most women didn’t know the wage gap has been around for generations at a time. According to the article, “EXPLAINING TRENDS IN THE GENDER WAGE GAP”,…show more content…
In the article, “Is the Wage Gap Difference between Men and Women Due to Discrimination” say since women usually major in English, gender studies, and communication skills than choosing to work in engineering, physics, and chemistry they will be usually paid less since it isn’t as important in today’s world. Others argue that if the education would be improved there would be no wage between men and women if both of their educations were set to the maximum. Others continue to say the wage gap between men and women are only a myth. However others say the wage gap does exist, but only because women continue to work in more “unimportant” jobs that do not require much pay. In the book, “The Wage Gap”, its states, “Even if some of the pay gap is due to discrimination, the key to reducing it is economic liberalization.” Meaning that we should have the rest of the world open to new opportunities that women as a whole can bring into the
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