Gender Differences In The Media Essay

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Gender difference, is it just physical or is it also mental? The fight of who is right and who is wrong has been going on for ages. Is it true that there is only one side that is correct or is it the disease of sexism that invaded our society and culture? Men believe that they have a certain role and so do women; but what they don’t know is that media throughout the years have made us believe that this is the only right way to see the opposite sex; and that is the nature cycle of life for both sexes. Television has become a key member of the family, the one who tells most of the stories most of the time. According to Brock, Winterstein, and Page (2005), The average viewer watches television four hours a day. The heavy viewer watches even more. The effect of all this exposure to the same message produces what these…show more content…
However, the greater the audiences are exposed to the media, the greater the effect. Although, some scholars see the effect of the media through the bullet theory perspective, this view predicts a strong effect of mass communication messages on all audiences exposed to them. Yet, some others believe that the effect of the media messages is limited because media is not the only cause of audience effects; it does not work alone, but functions among and through some other factors. The mediating factors include the selective processes: selective perception, exposure, retention, and opinion leaders. Conclusion: In conclusion, media play a big role in our life. It can entertain us, destroys us, or educates us. Fairy tales and movies are a part of media but the problem with it; that it mostly affects audiences in a real negative way. Not only that, it makes females uncomfortable with themselves facing real life after taking some of the characters of the movies they watch as role models and the ideal picture of how a woman and a man should
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