Essay On Gender Disparity In Education

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The issues of access to education especially for girls is a complex situation as In India there is a strong preference for sons over daughter s that lead to discrimination against daughters and research on education has shown that girls are at a disadvantage compared to boys and are less likely to attend school (Kingdon 2005), and even if they go they are more likely to discontinue at an earlier age to contribute to household duties or due to financial constraints in family that cannot support their education .Though there are numerous research on gender disparity none of them address the role of context that shape this persistent educational disparity . Girls are often taken out of schools to contribute to household responsibilities and in the case of millions of landless labourers’ families who migrate in search of work for more than 8 months in a year find it easier to leave…show more content…
Communities play an important role in understanding social life in India as social networks are closely knit and has obligations on kinship, caste and neighbourhood and given the importance of local relations in India it is reasonable to expect gender discrimination in education that are influenced by community contexts (Bose 2012) .Many research on gender discrimination in education neglect the context of parental attitudes and decision making of whose goes to school is very crucial to understand the persistent bias against daughters education . Studies have shown that if a mother is educated they are less likely to discriminate against daughters as they have knowledge and are likely to display more egalitarian views of gender and are less likely to exhibit son preference and greater disparities are seen when the mother has no or very little education and this has led to disadvantage that has persisted over

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