Gender In The Workplace Essay

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Since women have started to become involved in competitive work field, important differences between men and women have emerged. It is clear that men have the more prominent roles in the work environment. Noticeably, men have the majority in science, academia and high-ranking job positions. I believe that everyone, at least once, has asked the following question to herself/himself: ‘is it more advantageous to be a man or a woman in the workforce?’ If there were a genuine sense of equality in the workforce among men and women, there would be no need for a research based on gender. My paper is based on an experimental research article which will try to explain the biological/natural differences existing between genders, and whether
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It is not a pure, uncorrupted concept it comes from culture, and becomes a role model and moreover, is attached into humans by society. In other words, gender creates a culture of sex identity of society, male or female stereotypes, attitudes towards roles of female and male, division of labour based on gender, marriage traditions, relations between males and females, moral values of society, etc.
In conclusion, it is clear that there is a difference between sex and gender. Gender is based on society/community/environment and etc. and created by these factors. The earnings gained by the gender impose different roles unrelated with their biological features. An idea created by the patriarchal system makes inequalities among men and women and places women in a sub position in the society. In our modern society, norms and roles have been started to change but not enough changed to alter the place of a women in the society. In many parts of the world, there are still violence to women, unequal education conditions for women and many discrimination in the work places, law and etc.
I would like to conclude my paper by saying if women are raised and treated equally like men in their society, they would not shy away from the

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