Gender Discrimination In A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Anuja Sharma Kanika Dnag Thesis paper 23 October, 2015 Battle for equality Gender discrimination refers to biased treatment, based on gender. Many people misunderstand the concept of gender and often relate it to sex. Gender and sex, though often seen related, are actually not synonymous. According to Lorber (1968) sex is the state of being females and males; meanwhile, gender refers to women and men. Each gender has its own identity and roles which are called as femininity and masculinity. Today, the future of women of Afghanistan is uncertain. There are a lot of restrictions put on them . In under-populated areas mistreatment of women is still prevalent. There is a lack of decent health care available for them due to which many die…show more content…
When men occupy a superior position, they have the power to control women and their lives. Men determine the likelihoods of women to access opportunities, such as form of education, public facility, career, etc. The power men have over women later gives rise to gender problems between them, which is known as gender discrimination. Hosseini’s‘A Thousands Splendid Suns’ is a novel that shows the plight of women who suffer from gender discrimination in a strong patriarchal society of Afghanistan. With the feminist theory and women’s problems as the background, we are able to see that gender discrimination depicted in the novel is complex. There are a lot of atrocities by men on women in Afghanistan such as violence, subordination and stereotype…show more content…
But after Mariam had a miscarriage everything changed. Rasheed became more sensitive and he seems to have a problem with his temper. The spousal abuse started with verbal taunting such as Rasheed mocking Mariam for not knowing simpal things such as knowing meaning of words. Khaled Hosseini uses the theme of domestic abuse to highlight the issue of social justice among women in Afghanistan. The protagonists in the novel are constantly being abused physically and mentally by their cynical husband. With this theme he also explores the inequality among men and women. Hosseini uses his powerful words to describe the horrors that women undergo through during their marriage. The theme of Spousal abuse also allows the reader to recognize and understand men 's superiority in
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