Gender Objectification In Advertising

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In a world where mass media translates to power and control, it is certain that advertising companies would do everything in their power to be at the top of the wheel of success. Despite already using deceptive tricks such as spin tactics, where campaigns are founded on biased perceptions to win the public’s favor, this proves to be insufficient as advertising companies are always trying to reinvent “creativity” by featuring controversial issues such as gang rape as shown through fashion powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana’s spring/summer 2007 ready-to-wear collection advertisement, where a female model was pinned down by a male model while other male models look on. The ad, controversial as it is, has since been banned in many countries, however, mass…show more content…
Young children, with pure and innocent minds, are being exposed to gender objectification at an age that would strongly influence their future upbringings through social media, campaigns, TV advertisements and so on. They are also exposed to gender inequality, as young boys are taught a specific way to judge girls or to criticize them when they don’t have “beach bodies”, standards that are unrealistic for young teenagers or grown-up women set by the ludicrous promotion or glorification of women’s bodies. Through this, boys are given the freedom that they have with their bodies, a privilege that is far from females’ reach. Females’ bodies are put at a pedestal where critics are judging them based on their appearance, putting feminist movements and advocacy to a…show more content…
It is sickening and disgraceful that the human race has finally resorted to manipulating their own kind for the selfish benefit of winning the rat race. Consider, for example, a world with heightened objectification and inequality, where both genders are slaves to a materialistic world. Is this really the road of evolution?
It is time that society take action and stop gender objectification and the inequalities that females suffer from. Advertisements or campaigns that exploit gender should be banned, and more support should be given to the feminist society, where the ongoing cries for equality have been unheard. Advertising firms should promote ads that feature the product itself, or at the very least, models that still have their dignity. Firms should expand on their creativity by exploring ways to develop attracting advertisements without the need of sexualization.
Society has been given an ultimatum: to preserve humanity or to favor wealth. This choice represents the ultimate climax It is time they

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