Gender Discrimination In Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine

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The present paper is an attempt to analysis Bharati Mukherjee’s seminal novel Jasmine with reference to gender discrimination, sexual violence and female protests. Gender discrimination seems to be the root cause of sexual violence which ultimately leads to female protest. Due to gender discriminationmen began to nurturethe idea that women are nothing but their slaves whom they can utilize as they want. The blindfolded followers of patriarchy assume women merely an object of consumption, shoes of their feet which can bereplaced whenever they want. They neglect women’s social and psychological needs by crushing their identity and bounding their freedom. In the name of culture, religion and gendermen justify women’ssubjugation, exploitation and beating. Issues related to women’s discrimination and
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The traditional Indian patriarchal society manifested gender inequality to a large extent. To quote Dr. E.Raju: “Women became the scape goats of many traditions and customs. She was brutally killed in the name of Sati. The practice of child marriage, Kanyasulkam, Prostitution, was taken it granted by society and women have no voice what so ever for a centuries together” (55). Gender inequality has been variously exposedand protested by number of Indian English feminist critics and novelists.Kamala Markandaya, Shashi Deshpande, Jhumpa Lahiri, Anita Desai, Arundhati Roy and Bharati Mukherjee may be mentioned among them. Bharati Mukherjee, a leading American novelist of Indian origin usually explores the lives and psyche of immigrant Indian women across the world. Her works like Wife, The Tiger’s Daughter, Leave it To Me,Desirable Daughter, Three Bridefocuson the marginalization and secondary treatment of women not only in India but in foreign countries also. But her seminal work Jasmine(1989) draws our attention at most to the gender discrimination prevalent in Indian

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