Gender Discrimination In Canada

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Discrimination history is older as human history .The word discrimination is prevalent in the human society from the very early ages of human presence on earth. The same phenomena continue to be a strong determinant force which could be more influential in our day to day life. Discrimination in the distribution of resources, religious and racial discrimination, discrimination in sports and arts, political discrimination are very few among them. Among them the gender and sexual orientation discrimination stands to be the most uncivilized (Shukla, 2011).

The word discrimination can be easily defined as inequality. Therefore the gender discrimination is the inequality between two opposite genders and sexual orientation discrimination
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India is a big country with more than 1.2 Billion people with different culture commonly India is man dominated country. In India most of the jobs are done by men and majority of Indian ladies are house wives. Indian society is believed to be male dominated. It has been observed that in spite of higher level of literacy and educational level, the share of women in labor force in poor in India. Lower value of women in the society or family may be a cause for their invisibility in economic activities of the country (Chaudhuri, 2013).Gender discrimination in Canada is not that high as compared to past, but still discrimination exist in the workforce. Some of the study prove that 15% of the workers are facing discrimination at their work place (Relations, 2016).On the other hand Canada is a world leader in the promotion and protection of women’s rights and gender equality. These issues are central to Canada’s foreign and domestic policies. Canada is committed to the view that gender equality is not only a human rights issue, but is also an essential component of sustainable development, social justice, peace, and security (Canada,…show more content…
In Canada before 1969 same-sex practice were consider as crime and punishable by imprisonment. But in 1995 the Canadian Human Rights act bans the discrimination against LGBT (Heritage, 2013). But still the members of LGBT communities are facing workplace discrimination. One of the recent survey reveals that one out of 10 LGBT members face discrimination at workplace in Canada. This discrimination they experience mostly from the co-workers and employers with narrow minded and intolerant attitude towards their sexual orientation. The study reveals that social exclusion and ridicule are the main form of discrimination. Almost 75%, in any case, say work environment resilience has enhanced in the previous five years, with just 2% at present encountering a negative disposition. “The survey shows that the average Canadian workplace has become kinder for LGBT people, with most employers and co-workers being regarded as tolerant towards the LGBT community,” Angus Reid Public Opinion vice president Jaideep Mukerji (QMIAgency,
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