Gender Discrimination By Maya Makdashi Analysis

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The passage is written by Maya Makdashi, a Ph.D. candidate at the Anthropology Department at Columbia University. The article have been drawn from Jadaliyya ezine, an online magazine which she has co-fonded. The author writes in general about many social issues in Lebanon. This argumentative essay 's main topic is gender discrimination, its sources and the way to get rid of it. In this paper, I will first explain the author 's point of view on gender discrimination, while showing writing techniques she used to specify her beliefs to the reader, in order to later give my personal opinion on the matter.…show more content…
She is “against rape” in all its forms. However, she thinks not everyone agrees with her, as many countries around the world are still very tolerant when it comes to marital rape. She then talks about Lebanon, where there are no civil law against husbands sexually violating their wives. Despite religious leaders 's beliefs that women are men 's “legal appendages” and accessories, and their involvement in civil courts decisions, the author doesn 't blame the lack of gender civil rights on religious authorities. Rather, she talks about a global gender discriminative vision seen around the world, that feminists must fight against in order to make it disappear. Yet, lebanese women 's approach on this issue is very negligible. Even though she has come across many victims of gender abuse and knows that it is very common, the author thinks the response to a call to fight will be diminished by the cultural barriers created by Arab society and customs. Lebanese women must bring those down before they can be heard. Thus, she thinks the “14th of January march” is a good start, but will not be enough: Lebanese discriminated persons still have a long way to
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