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A world called Pluton, where there is gender discrimination and females are superior to the males. Growing the population is Pluton’s main purpose. Herein, having the ability to give birth is power, thus females are dominant creatures as they are created with a womb which is able to carry an infant for thirty-six weeks. The only ‘capability’ that men have is the ability of passing the sperm on to the female to bore a child. The superiority of the female is felt strongly at the workplace, home and community at large.
Men have deep-rooted feelings of frustration against females as they see the fact that all they are needed for in this world is sperm. Nothing more, nothing less. The men feel dispensable. Elita74, the Queen of Pluton is planning
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I can use their biological material to create sperm.” Elita74 tries to convince herself. Elita74 being very scientifically smart uses her biochemical experience to create sperm using just frogs; she has never done this before and is anxious about the outcome. She gives the biochemically produced egg to one of her troop members. As the troop member ingests the egg from the robot hen made in the biochemical lab, she falls on the floor and is unconscious for three weeks then gives birth to a half human-half frog (a frog that has human facial characteristics and can talk). This freaks Elita74 out. How could this happen, what went wrong? She blames the horrific result on the female’s womb, “there must be something wrong with your womb”. She tried the process again on another female and yet again the same thing occurred. She soon realizes that it is unsafe to have the females be unconscious for such a long period of time every time they ingest one of the eggs; and it is also unhuman to have half human-half frogs. They cannot have any normal, healthy babies without the…show more content…
Back in W555 the swirling whole to enter W555 is becoming smaller. As soon as it closes no one else will be able to enter it. Those in the Pluton will remain in Pluton and those in W555 will remain in W555. Elita74 and her troops only have ninety weeks until the entrance to W555 is eternally shut.
On the other hand in W555, the fact that no one is reproducing is quickly depleting the amount of beings living there. One by one the people of W555 die due to old-age, sickness, accidents, among many things; but zero people are being born. This means when everyone dies there will be no one on W555, it will frankly be an empty vacuum. Yes, the main goal of “no power struggles” has been fulfilled, however this has indirectly caused more destruction than it has caused peace.
Kofi Annan once said, “Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.” This was clearly missed by the people of Pluton as they only aimed for gender equality and did not think of the consequences of their extreme measures of getting away from gender

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