Gender Discrimination In The Gender System

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Enarson and Chakrabati (2009) explains that gender issues are conventional in the society, operational and noticeable in the everyday life of an individual, family, community, organization also it is being reflected institutionally in social and cultural standards; moreover, it is not an objectification of the tragedy related difficult situations (p. 5). In the 1950s, gender issues in both sexes were emphasized; however, in between the 1980s and 1990s it was emphasized in the management and organizational studies (Abbas, Hameed & Waheed, 2011, p. 170). On the time gender issues arises in the gender system, a gender revolution occur. According to Paula England (2010) people often describe gender revolution as the widespread changes in the gender system (p.149). However, England (2010) suggests that, even though major modifications have been made into the gender system, unfair changes within the gender system still affect many groups (p. 149).
Gender issues such as discrimination and stereotyping is still present in the society. Workplace is an environment where discrimination is feasible and noticeable (S. Sharma & M. Sharma, 2012, p.20). Zeher (2011) defines gender discrimination as an amalgam of ideas, notions and structural policies that affects men and women and choices to apply or uphold these ideas in workplaces by gender (pp.783-784). Discrimination in hiring, distinction between salary and wages, unequal promotions and injustice in providing different

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