Gender Discrimination In The Slavery System

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Gender discrimination is the common and prevailing issue whether in the past or the present. The history of gender discrimination can date back to 1500. And the American gender discrimination is with the slave trade. In the American slavery system, the men were usually the skillful workers and were put in an important position. Women slaves had the ignoble work and their masters could control their fertility. In addition, they suffered from sexual harassment of the violence, threat and emotional fraud. [1] In fact, the targets of the gender discrimination are 3 types: men, women, transgendered discrimination. This essay focuses on the women discrimination (sexism) mainly. There are many forms of the sexism which include occupational sexism, sexual harassment and violence, reproductive choices, educational attainment, political empowerment, health care and many others. It will be mainly about the occupational sexism and sexual harassment and assault in this essay.
In accordance with the Human Rights Record of the United States in 2013, it points out “American women and children 's rights were not fully protected” [2]. In the aspect of the occupational discrimination, the women firemen are just 3% of all whose ratio in the 2013 is the same as in the 1995. And the wage inequalities [3] are still common in the American society. According to the Global Gender Gap Report for 2015, it finds that the condition of equal pay for equal work is not present in any countries. And it

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