Gender Discrimination In The Workplace Essay

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Gender discrimination against women is not a new issues in workplace today and it existed in almost every country in the world. Gender discrimination is defined as the systematic, unfavourable treatment of individuals on the basis of their gender, which denies them rights, opportunities or resources (Reeves & Baden, 2000, p.7). These gender discriminations have negatively affect women’s incomes and their opportunities in career developments.
Roles of gender, status belief and stereotypes which relate to women discrimination in the workplace.

Figure 1 Components in the gender system that related to women discrimination in the workplace.
Many researchers had shown that gender roles are related to women discrimination in the workplace (Reeves
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Employment discrimination refers to limited employment opportunities that offered to discriminate groups and the discriminated have a larger share in unemployment. This kind of discrimination is associated with larger difficulties in seeking employment and a bigger risk of losing a job. Next, position discrimination is observed when there are restrictions in the entrance to administrative or leadership positions. It is related with professional segregation on a vertical plane where the number of women holding managerial positions is significantly low than men (p.96) and promotion are usually given to male employees as they are expected to be more responsible and talented of managing the job at the highest level of organisation (Tejashwini & Venumadhava, 2015). Koshal et al. (1998) as cited in Zaiton Othman and Nooraini Othman, (2015) stated in his study that women in Malaysia are under-represented at all management rank due to women being discriminated for promotion to upper levels although their high performance is

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