Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

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Introduction. how has discrimination evolve over time?
Discrimination is an act of prejudgement, or making a certain favour of or against an individual, based on the group, social class, or racial and religion categorisation. Workplace discrimination occurs in the context of the work environment, often in the form of portraying violence towards a certain colleague or employee or through verbal and physical bullying (Wood, Braeken & Niven, 2013). Nowadays, workplace discrimination has evolve from the traditionally gender or age discrimination; to a more subjective and skewed form of discrimination towards people from religious counterparts. As a result of current affairs occurring throughout the world, it has allowed for the rise of religion discrimination to occur in workplace, changing ways on how Human Resource Practitioners and organisations attempt deal with it.
Therefore, the aim of this report is to highlight and state the evolution of workplace discrimination, from the mere existence of gender and age discrimination towards a more complex issue regarding body art and religion discrimination. The flow of the report begins with analysing articles relating to the presence of gender and age discrimination in workplace, before proceeding to analyse articles relating to the present form of discrimination in workplace; body art and religion discriminations.
Article 1
Evaluation: This research was conducted to analyse how elements of gender stereotyping and organisational
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