Impression Of Women Exposed In The Yellow Wallpaper

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Gillman focuses on feminism. The writer amalgamated fiction and feminism topic in an amazing way. The writer talks about the suppression of female and her confinement in domestic life. the story revolves around a woman who was diagnosed incorrectly by her own husband. The treatment he suggested was rest therapy which made the matter even worse. The women listen to her husband shifts to a new house even though she did not believe in the treatment her husband has suggested for her. This paper would bring forth a concerning topic regarding gender suppression that was common during Gilman’s time. Gilman talks about the gender discrimination and dominance of male due to the norms created by the society. The narrator’s husband imposed his own thinking on his wife without even considering to take his wife wishes and opinion into account. This tells the readers about the imprisonment women had to face and the effort they require to attain the freedom of thought…show more content…
This was symbolic to the narrator’s confinement within her own home by her husband. She clearly told John that this room is not good for her but he never listened. Due to this reason, the narrator does not feel like sharing the things that trouble her. Her condition was getting worse by the passing with but she didn’t mention it to her husband because according to him it’s just in her head. “I cry at nothing and cry most of the time. Of course, I don't when John is here” (4) Even though she sees something unreal and didn’t mention her husband. She starts seeing women in the wallpaper with time she started to feel her presence all-around the house. She did not tell anybody due to the communication
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