Gender Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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“I felt the starched walls of a pink cotton penitentiary closing in on me, and for the second time in my life, I thought of running away. Immediately.” She felt overwhelmed and felt as though she was being suffocated, even to the point of drowning in expectations. Another example of gender discrimination, or sexism, would be after the jury declares Tom Robinson guilty.
Jem questions on why good people,“like us and Miss Maudie, don’t serve the jury”
Atticus explains that Miss Maudie can’t serve because she is a woman. He doesn’t go into detail on to why a woman can’t work the jury, simply because in this time period, just saying “Because she is a woman was enough explanation.” Earlier in the courtroom, the women were asked to leave due to the
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Since the time period is during the time of the great depression, being poor, was not uncommon. Especially if you were a farmer. An example of this would be on Scout’s first day of second grade. Already having clashed with her teacher, Miss Caroline, multiple times, Scout’s day wasn’t going so grand. Things got worse when her teacher, offered a quarter to Walter Cunningham, a farmer’s son, who kindly denied the money for lunch. When Miss Caroline didn’t seem to understand, Scout explained that Walter and his family suffer from poverty, and would not be able to pay her back with money. Scout then further narrates that one time Atticus served as the Cunningham’s lawyer and having no money to repay Atticus, the Cunninghams pay Atticus in the form of stovewood, hickory nuts, smilax, holly, and turnips. After the incident, Jem invites Walter over for lunch, hesitantly Walter joined them.While eating their meal, Walter pours molasses or syrup “On his vegetables and meat with a generous hand.” Scout instantly made a remark, embarrassing Walter in the process. By making a remark it is clear to see how different the Cunningham and Finch’s lifestyles and status
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