Gender Discrimination Literature Review

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Elwér, S., Harryson, L., Bolin, M., & Hammarström, A. (2013). Patterns of Gender Equality at Workplace and Psychological Distress. PLOS ONE 8(1).
The authors of the journal are Sofia Elwer, Harryson, Bolin, and Hammarstrom. They use questionnaires in the research to explore gender discrimination at the workplace and its patterns. Besides, the authors give the conclusion of the multidimensional approach to gender discrimination at workplace and questionnaire data results. The article contains a comprehensive review of patterns of gender equality in the workplace, venturing into gender discrimination. The main idea is relating that gender discrimination is existing in workplaces where females are treated as the inferior gender, but it doesn’t have much to do with policing. The literature given in the article is useful as it provides more literature on gender discrimination at the workplace. The piece also unveils that the female gender is mostly discriminated at workplaces. It also informs that policing at the workplace has nothing to do with discrimination.
Kramer, Z.A. (2014). The new sex discrimination: Duke law of journal, 63(4),891-953
The author of the journal is Kramer Z.A. He gives an analysis of gender discrimination and how it has changed in the workplace and how it has changed over time. The article focuses on what causes the perception currently. The author has a notion that gender discrimination has become personal whereby it has an impact on the individuals who
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