Gender Disparities In Serial Killers

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If I request to envision a mental picture of a serial killer, what image comes to mind? Presumably one of a relatively young, fairly attractive, and intelligent white man. Why is this? It is not plausible that every serial killer fits into this category, so why does a majority of American citizens immediately picture serial killers as all displaying these characteristics and being of the male gender? Additionally, I would like to identify some key disparities between separate groups of serial killers. Is there a certain quality that drastically alienates ethnic serial killers from the rest, or a specific trait that creates female serial killers to contrast from the males? I believe there is an entire spectrum of these murderers who are both…show more content…
Unlike most male serial killers, nearly all their female counterparts murdered people they knew well or were at least acquainted this, oftentimes these victims being a part of their own family. The reason for this is that, contrasting with what we know about male serial killers, the females motives for killing are not characterized by a desire for domination, control, humiliation, or sadistic sexual violence, but solely for money or power (Kaplan). They kill from a “sensible” point of view and usually only kill for resources or for one-upmanship, which is what their primary drive was many centuries ago. Female serial killers are difficult to identify and apprehend for numerous reasons. The fact that they target relatives, the elderly, or the ill, utilizing relatively inconspicuous weapons may correlate with some of the reasons that female serial killers garner such a small amount of attention. Furthermore, they are challenging to detect since women are less likely to be seen as capable performing deeds as heinous as serial murder. Historically, because no one suspects them, the females are able to evade capture for a longer period of time than the men (Anthes). Between 1821 and 2008, there have been sixty-four recorded female serial killers. Perhaps…show more content…
While each individual serial killer may have an established penchant for a certain method of killing, male and females preferred choice of weapons ordinarily fall into two separate categories. Men habitually strangle, shoot, or stab their victims but, contrastively, women have a tendency to wield quieter methods of elimination such as drugs or smothering. According to recent studies, the women 's primary weapon of choice is poison (Anthes). I believe that this provides us with further reasons that white male serial killers are predominantly known. As previously explained, the media principally covers white serial killers because they tend to kill second to first class white females, who take priority above any other victim. Disregarding the fact that about one in six serial killers are females, male serial killers may additionally receive more coverage as they murder with more captivating techniques and weapons. Bruce Weber, a previous writer for the New York Times, claims that, “Clearly, evil is alluring” (Hare 80). The public is fascinated with stories that appeal to their sense of horrific excitement. A story about a killer whose modus operandi is to strangle or stab citizens out of desire is much more stimulating to read or hear about than a killer who poisons elderly people to

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