Gender Diversity In Engineering

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An engineer is a profession which deals with the science and math knowledge to figure how everything works to develop solutions for technical and social problems. They play a crucial and important role in the long term sustainability of environment, therefore society needs more people to work as engineers. According to World Bank statistics, nearly half of world population (49.6%) are females. Roughly, there are 100 females for every 107 males. Based on the fact, more women are needed to fulfill the number of engineers, demands in the society. It is also common to find more females taking part in the work fields that used to be dominated by men. The gender diversity will also generate more idea and perspective into the engineering field which…show more content…
It has been contended that, psychologically, women only have an ability and competency in the career field involving people and their needs. Portrayed as a job focusing on tough and dirty works, engineering has an outlook as a masculine profession because the initial culture and the work are mainly dominated by the male peers [1]. However, the stereotype has been strongly argued in the recent years of the engineering and technology world development. According to [2], “Despite growing demand for skilled workers, women remain under-represented in science, engineering and technology industries.” Giving chances for women under represented in men dominated field will enhance and discover more scientific knowledges [3]. The presence of female engineers will generate the diversity in the field and can bring various ideas and perceptions, since the gender difference plays a significant role in the people’s way of thinking. Engineering industries also need more conscientious people to make the job problems resolved properly and effectively. Furthermore, women are likely more meticulous than men to concern about the detail of work and integration of people. The more people who are responsible to the people and environment will benefit the industries in all aspects. A few researches about scientific…show more content…
Based on a discussion by Career Development International, 70% of female engineers who were interviewed have experienced difficult situations because of the gender discrimination and provocation issues [6]. As a result of the biased work environment, the majority of women thought that Engineering field is not a suitable place for them to work, moreover, to strive for an excellent position in their career. Women are discouraged by unfamiliar cultural norms in the male dominated field. A recent research about workers in science and engineering concluded that male engineers earn wages 22 percent more than their female peers in their labor market [7]. This evidence has clearly shown that the industries are biased towards men compared to women. The gender discrimination has caused a diminished progression on women’s role and involvement in engineering and technology field. Female engineers also encounter the unconformity of relation between gender and their identity as engineers, furthermore, many of them ended up questioning their position as engineers and acknowledgement as a capable practical worker [8]. There are no advancements that can be observed in the recent years in engineering world development regarding the

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