Hong Kong Gender Equality

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In today 's globalised world, the issue of global diversity is a challenge that many countries and organisations face. According to Nishii and Özbilgin (2007), global diversity has its unique set of tensions which involves transfer versus emergence, centralisation versus decentralisation and globalisation with localisation. These are the challenges which plays an important role in management of gender diversity. Asia has found itself at the centre of business and trade in this globalised world. Along with Mainland China, Hong Kong is being recognised as an international finance centre. This is because of its proximity to the mainland China which provides the organisations an ideal location. (Dean Stallard, 2016). Diversity spreads across all levels of organisations and is a fundamental concept in business. Companies in Hong Kong have done a dismal work when it comes to gender equality, with women representing only 9 percent of board positions on the Hang Seng Index (Fern Ngai, 2014). This kind of representation reflects the lack of measures taken by the companies in order to bring in balance of diversity.
The participation of women in the
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The essay shows that gender inequality is prevalent in Hong Kong and is a key aspect when it comes to globalisation. The imbalance in diversity is because of various aspects like lack of measures taken by the organisations to the lack of awareness among the population. It also points to the Chinese culture being one of the reasons for gender inequality. The following report will provide key understanding and ideas in regards to the issues of gender inequality in Hong Kong. The qualitative research is based on interactions with various respondents with experience of working in Hong Kong. The report also provides the conclusion with respect to the findings which are examined and recommendations for further research are

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