Gender Diversity In Globalised World

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In today 's globalised world, the issue of global diversity is a challenge that many countries and organisations face. According to Nishii and Özbilgin (2007), global diversity has its unique set of tensions which involves transfer versus emergence, centralisation versus decentralisation and globalisation with localisation. These are the challenges which plays an important role in management of gender diversity. Asia has found itself at the centre of business and trade in this globalised world. Along with Mainland China, Hong Kong is being recognised as an international finance centre. This is because of its proximity to the mainland China which provides the organisations an ideal location. (Dean Stallard, 2016). Diversity spreads across all…show more content…
This is because women are over-represented at the blue collar jobs like catering, caring and cleaning. They only account for 2% when it comes to CEO 's and only 11% when it comes to representation in the board room (Su-Mei Thompson, 2015). This shows the vast gaps that prevail in the corporates where women are under-represented in the organisations. The statistics of equality are deceiving. Women representation in Hong Kong is still far behind China and Malaysia. Diversity enables acquiring talents with skills and increasing the productivity by incurring marginal costs. It not only provides talent but also gives the organisations access to greater knowledge and experiences within the workforce providing better abilities for problem-solving (Dean Stallard,…show more content…
According to the traditional Chinese cultural beliefs, home is the place where women are viewed (de Leon and Ho 1994). The hierarchical family structures are also a reflection of the workplaces where the leaders are typically male and they tend to have absolute authority (Chee and West 2004; Cullen 1999). Even though the issue of gender inequality is widely reported, it is not acknowledged in Hong Kong, that there is discrimination. They have the optimistic view about women in Hong Kong enjoying a higher status than the women in other Asian societies. This kind of ideology characterises lack of awareness which does not reflect the realities within the workplace (Bernie Mak et. al. 2011). This culture affects the psychology of women. The male dominated culture instils a fear of balancing work-life which leads to them not returning to their

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