Gender Differences In The Workplace

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An organization functions similar to the human body with different organs designed for different purposes. Each of these organs interconnect with each other and as a result, we are alive. Similarly, organizations operate in an environment that is external and internal. Organizations select from the task environment the most qualified person to do the best job. People from the task environment have inculcated values and their personalities are already shaped from the general environment such as sociocultural factors. Moreover, Organizational Behaviour has taught us that the behaviour of individuals, groups, and system within an organization, have an overall impact on business performance. Hence, organizations must target workplace diversities…show more content…
For instance, there are several organizations such as the United Nations Women, P & G Feminine Care Brand Always and Lane Bryant, that have organized campaigns to advocate for women empowerment. Also, we’ve seen great improvement in our education systems where for example, here at UB majority of graduates for the past years have been females. After completing our educational milestone, we females enter into a new challenge of continuing that battle of proving wrong the stereotypes of society about women being inferior to men. Yes, we are not only caregivers but we are competent and capable to work hand in hand with…show more content…
However, how can women wake up every morning with a positive attitude knowing that they are going to a place where they are not treated with respect? Females are victims of discrimination and even sexual harassment like in the cases at Alphabet Inc. Google and Uber technologies. How did the women employees felt after that emailing of the memo to over forty thousand employees? Despite the many global campaigns towards gender equality, regardless of the academic achievements and knowledge gained, most of society stills holds to the idea of male dominance. So then, how does it affect the organization? In order for an employee to contribute towards a desired success, the organization must make sure that its culture is one that highly values respect. One that has zero tolerance towards any type of discrimination. In today’s technological era, some employees prefer to deal with the issue on social media instead of addressing it with their supervisors. In some cases, this can bring both opprobrium and financial losses to the organization such as that of Century Fox settling a dispute on sexual harassment for $20

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