Pocahontas Analysis

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- Moreover, men are able to decide women’s path of life. - As in Pocahontas, Pocahontas’ s father can decide whom his daughter should marry. - He tells her that marrying Kocoum is “the right path” (4). Figure 7- Powhatan talking with Pocahontas about her marriage with Kocuom - This scene is taken in a medium shot in order to focus on the conversation between Pocahontas and her father. - Low angle helps emphasize that he is more powerful than Pocahontas. - Furthermore, in this scene Powhatan is placed in the right which psychologically gives a sense of superiority to the character to the left. - We can also see that he is taller and bigger than Pocahontas in this scene. - Therefore, this shows that he has power over his daughter. a. Another…show more content…
When it happens for you, you then KNOW... and no one else can tell you otherwise." 4. Besides, nature is considered as a healer. a. Sayeda Juwairiyya Mobein points that nature has a very strong healing power which “manmade artificial things” (60) cannot offer. i. Hence, nature positively effects on humans. b. Ones should establish a close relationship with nature so that they can absorb the power from the surrounding nature. B. The values of Native American society in accordance with ecofeminism are represented through the two films. 1. It is previously stated on page … that the Native people consider that nature as a holy and living thing which has spirit. a. Grandmother Willow is personified and gendered as female. i. In Pocahontas, the first time that John Smith meets her, he mentions her by using human’s pronoun, “her” (00:49:19) b. Since the natural environment is regarded as a living thing, they are respected as equal in rights as humans. i. In Pocahontas, when Smith is pointing his gun to a big bear, Pocahontas stops him from
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