Gender Dysphoria Case Studies Essay

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Diagnosis (DX) Case Discussion Board Template Introduction Gender Dysphoria affects adolescents and adults. When a person starts to experience distress due to their assigned gender at birth, that individual can clinically be diagnosed as having Gender Dysphoria. According to the DSM (2013), a person who suffers from Gender Dysphoria will have a strong desire to get rid of their primary characteristics. As a result, the individual starts to develop aspects of the opposite sex in which the person would like to transition. Therefore, the person would like to be treated in the gender in which the person is transitioning. Case summary Gwen born as Nick decided to come to counseling after experiencing depression. Gwen stated, when she was working, she set goals that she wanted to meet to increase longevity. Some of the goals Gwen set was to stop smoking and to lose weight. However, even though Gwen achieved her goals, she started to develop symptoms of depression. Gwen stated, she got into the rhythm of wanting to sleep more. After losing her job, Gwen moved in with her mother who encouraged Gwen to transition as a woman because she was unhappy being a man.…show more content…
However, for transgendered individuals that process can be more challenging. Therefore, transgendered individuals may come to counseling hoping to learn ways to cope with the disorder Gender Dysphoria. Therapy can assist the individual with learning strategies that would increase their confidence and self-esteem. In the case of Gwen, Gwen’s mom served as an significant role in her transitioning process. Gwen’s mom encouraged Gwen to become a woman because her mother did not like seeing her unhappy. Counseling does have its benefits, but some individuals are not truly happy until they have surgery to change into the gender in which the person relates fully. Fear of not being accepted by socially could cause depression and suicidal attempts or
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