Gender Empowerment Index And The Human Development Index

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capabilities covered by the Human Development Index, taking note of the unique qualities and achievement between the men and women and penalizing for inequality. The countries which have greater gender disparity in basic capabilities (educational attainment, income and life expectancy,) will have low gender related development index compared to their Human development index.
The gender empowerment index is a composite indicator which looks at women’s representation in Parliaments, women’s share of positions classified as managerial and professional, women’s participation in the active labour force and their share of national income. Its main aim is to examine whether the women and men are able to participate actively in the economic and political life on the basis of equality and take equal part in decision-making. The Human Development Report states that while the gender related development index focuses on the expansion of capabilities, the gender related empowerment index is concerned with the use of those abilities to take advantage of the opportunities of life.
International Initiatives
Today, women empowerment has gained immense importance across the world cutting across nations. It is a self-evident fact that the development of society hinges on the development of women, hence it is a solemn duty of the government to take care of the economic, educational, health aspects of women. Women’s empowerment is an important consideration in activities targeted as world-wide

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