Women Deserve Equal Pay

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The word “equality” represents having the same measure, quantity, or amount as another that is identical in value. In the United States, gender equality and equal pay are substantial controversies that affect women and their lives. Wage inequalities do not only affect women while they are employed, they “...follow women into their retirement years, reducing their Social Security benefits, pensions, savings and other financial resources” (Women Deserve Equal Pay), that essentially affects the entirety of their lives. It is often perceived that women cannot achieve the same success in the workplace as men, and therefore should have less rights. The United States government should induct a law directed to gender equality due to the fact that it…show more content…
Women are often looked down on by many in work settings, so the outcome was decided that they should be paid less than men. Compared to the working man, “...women on average make 82 cents for every dollar earned by men” (Women’s Rights and Sexual Harassment: Are Further Steps Necessary to Ensure Gender Equality?). People from all over are working harder than ever to try to make equal pay in the United States a reality, but prejudice towards women and their abilities still remains strong. As stated in the article “Women Deserve Equal Pay”, since the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the wage gap has only decreased by 18 cents. In 2009, it was uncovered that although it had been 44 years since the Equal Pay Act was initiated, the gap was closed at a rate of less than half a penny each year. This evidence proves bias in the workplace is still present to this day and as a…show more content…
While some people believe that “women are already treated equally” (Women's Rights and Sexual Harassment: Are Further Steps Necessary to Ensure Gender Equality?), many women living and working in the United States disagree with this claim. According to “Time For a New Gender-Equality Playbook”, “Entry-level women” all over the United States were surveyed and only 38 percent believe that the company they are employed by has gender diversity. This shows that some women who are employed do not feel comfortable with the fact that females are less represented in work spaces. In addition to less gender diversity, the article “Women Deserve Equal Pay” shows that women are not given the same opportunities as men by explaining that women who major in science or business have double the chances as men to acquire an office job, while men are promoted to management roles. This promotion of men is not uncommon because it has been discovered that “...corporate America promotes men at 30 percent higher rates than women…” (Time For a New Gender-Equality Playbook). These facts give clarification that women are not thoroughly given equal opportunities and that bias plays an extreme role in employment, which should be solved with laws prohibiting such
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