Gender Equality And Equal Inequality For Men And Women

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All human beings are born with equal rights and equal opportunities either male or female. However, the practice of fact, there is a gap which can be clearly seen among men and women in various fields of life aspects such as education and everyday life. Not only in daily life, the achievement of gender equality in professional life looked increasingly difficult to materialize. Evidently, the difference in labor wages of women and men carrying widening. Surveys show a boy who grows into a mature man has a percentage of 16% higher wages than women.
Without considering the woman who has the same ability or even better qualifications than men, women tend to always considered to have a lower value than men. Likewise in the field of employment, women tend to have less opportunity to get a promotion and advancement or job title, and women tend to have slower career progress than men. Which will ultimately have an impact on the wage gap.
In the division of responsibilities in the family are also important gaps that make the distribution of responsibilities are not equal. Which will ultimately have an impact on the delay of a career woman, whiches followed by their difficulty in doing the job full time. According to a survey circulated this results in lower average revenue earned per hour women about 16% and even, approximately 31% per year.
The combination of lower working hours owned and can be done by women with hourly compensation rate is also lower obtained woman

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