Gender Equality And Gender Inequality

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Sustainable development goals is the worldwide program to change the world to better side, and consist 17 goals. The sustainable development goals came after the concept of the millennium development goals in 2015, and the sustainable goals are willing to be done until 2030. One of those seventeen goals is the reduction of women inequality or in other words to reach the gender equality around the world as well as to make the world better economically. Gender equality is one of the most debatable issues which has been started for many centuries ago, however, the issue is still of current interest. The weak gender in many countries, especially in Muslim and African countries does not have the same rights on a lot of things, such as high quality of education, health, and right to work. Although the role of women in society is underestimated the gender equality can lead to economic growth. The population of women all around the world is approximately half of the whole population of the planet. Decreasing gender inequality in workplaces means to provide more workplaces for women, so this can lead to the increase the number of the workforces. The increase in the labor force, especially in production can cause the economic growth, as significant number of labor force can increase the income of corporation, organization, or even government. Especially, the significance of gender equality at work places can be observed in many ageing countries, where one of the main problems is the
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