Gender Equality And Gender Payage Gap In The Workplace

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In today’s society we are faced with a controversial decision on whether or not we have a gender wage gap or a gender earnings gap. Many companies are faced with a gender wage gap while just as many see a genders earning gap or even nothing at all. Within Whitley County, where I live, both of these situation are presented. When looking at all the factors going into pay they include skill, effort, responsibility, working conditions, and establishment (Facts About Equal Pay). While society is split on whether a gender pay gap does exist or not, society still strives for changes to occur, less discrimination in the workplace, and how gender sometimes takes a toll in the workplace. The Sides Explain Their Views While everyone has different views on various miscellaneous topics, the same happens when asked about the gender pay wage disparity. Today’s society sees it in a multitude of different categories like gender pay wage gap, gender earnings gap, or some could care less and have no opinion on the topic at all. Although, many people have a strong opinion over men and women 's pay equality, both sides speak passionately about their sides. Not only are people of the workforce speaking out so mega magazines like the New York Times when they published an article stating, “‘men earn more than women even in female-dominated jobs.’ Women can enter engineering all they want, put their pay still won’t catch up to men’s.” Men mainly enter these “women fields” during recovery periods

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