Gender Equality And Women Empowerment Essay

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India, the forth most dangerous place for women in the world described by professional organizations, has experience a great number of movements for equal rights these years. Ever since United Nations declared the goal of “Gender Equality and Women Empowerment” to be achieved by 2015, the Indian government eventually devoted many efforts to govern such actions, utilizing a variety of tools including laws and the power of social media. As the Constitution of India promised “equality, dignity, and freedom” for women, the rights of women were literally secured by various statutes to a certain extent. Cheered by such positive consequences, we cannot overlook the problems handed down in this process. Sincerely, India, especially rural areas, is still not deemed safe to women with frequent crime cases, like domestic violence, infanticide, and rape. Solving the problematic inequality must be treated as one of the highest priorities for Indian government.

Governing the issue of gender equality, we need to consider the tradition of Indian culture. In
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Although the Indian parliament has guaranteed free primary schooling for every one, a disparity of effective literacy rate between males and females still exists: 82.14% for men and 65.46% for women. Manifestly, inadequate education is blocking women from elevating social status by contribution to the community. In the perspective of Indian natives, there are approximately two aspects rejecting women’s accesses to education. On one hand, parents feel that no profits will be gained from sending girls to school. Despite it’s costless to educate their children, there are still a great amount of areas needing monetary cost, like buying stationery. On the other hand, all the female members naturally take up the duties of housework, even including very young girls. In general, parents are most worried about the burdened working hours from girls’ school

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