Gender Equality In Ancient Egypt

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"Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance."
Our universe has constituted with the amalgamation of man and woman and its continuance purely rely upon the further incorporation of both of them. Even our god Lord Shiva is also called Ardhnareshwar means half man and half woman. This is the reason that the Democracy entails equality of all human persons, men and women. As against this basic principle of democracy what is normally seen is that society alwys kept women the lower pedestral from men are excluded from different walks of life, especially in Politics. The U.N.O Observes that women constitute "world 's
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Women had the main function of reproduction. The children were very important, and even if women were not able to conceive the child for whatever reason, women were divorced immediately. Marriage was a very important ceremony, as it was almost considered a duty of the Egyptian people. It was also popular to marry cousins, brothers, and sisters considering family and dynasties were very important. If one was to be divorced it was a very private affair, but if they wanted, women could get divorced for any reason. The men were also free to marry as many women as they liked. Women could become heir to their husbands belonging and property. They could give it to anyone or keep it, and many of the husband’s rules were written in his will. Women in ancient Egypt were treated exclusive differently from those in ancient Babylon. The Egyptians saw families as a basis of happiness, women played a very important role in the lives of their husbands. Women in Egypt married more for love, though unlike the arranged marriages in many other nations during these times. They were not bought into a marriage contract, as women in ancient Babylon were, though there were often marriage contracts to state the roles of husband and wife within the marriage, and there was often a dowry given. The women were given many freedoms, in great contrast to the women of ancient Babylon. In fact, women in ancient Egypt were seen as equals to the men in their lives and in their
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