Gender Equality In Antigone

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“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” from Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World's Most Elegant Woman. Yes!, a girl should be who and what she wants, women have the right to do anything , become what their goal . Gender equality is possible. Many men debates about women been less status than men but remember men are born from woman. If women can join the army than its proven that women are as strong and motivated as men in their work forces. Antigone's bravery causes the evil things to end. In the story Antigone takes place in Thebes ruled by Oedipus’s brother in law Creon,who became king of Thebes when Oedipus two sons died fighting each other. Creon Refuses to bury Polyneices but Eteocles had memorial. Antigone's encourages citizens especially women to step up and counter Creon’s laws, causing Antigone ire to bury Polyneices. Antigone gets caught by Creon's guards but he decided to persecute as breaking the laws of Creon. Creon believes that women should stay at home and are seen as tool for men Later on Tiresias who warns Creon to not to execute Antigone. Haemon son of Creon and fiance of Antigone. Haemon tries to convince Creon to considerate not to kill…show more content…
The cause of Oedipus to kill his dad and marry his mother was the cause of fate. That fate torture Oedipus , fate made Creon the new king of Thebes by both Oedipus’s son killing each other. Antigone’s fate was to die trying to honor her brother Polyneices. “Now,dear Ismene, my own blood sister, do you have any sense of all the troubles Zeus keeps bringing on the two of us as long as we’re alive? All that misery which stems from Oedipus? There’s no suffering, no shame , no ruin-not one dishonour- which I have not seen in all the troubles you and I go through” (Antigone 305). This tells us how bad the Fate was in Oedipus family. Creon’s destiny was to be alone after his decisions of leading the death of his loved
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