Gender Equality In Australia

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There are some countries which are neither improving nor declining in the climb for gender equality. Germany, Austria, and Rwanda are examples of this.

1. Traditionally, women in Germany are believed to just stay at home, take good care of their children, go to church with the family, and cook for them (Goordeeva, 2017). However, women and men now receive equal pay because of a campaign called the Gender Pay Gap Campaign. Before, not many women had jobs, but there is a changing pattern in employment tradition for women. The share of female graduates went up, legal protection for all sexual harassment was established. Although, some areas still need to be addressed for lack of child care facilities.

2. Austria is both doing well and bad in
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These countries include Norway, Australia, and Mongolia.

1. Norway has a well balanced population, where some countries lag. Women have easy access to birth control. Women’s rights movements have been going on since early times and they have a 50/50 gender ratio. Norway’s first female prime minister was in 1971 and currently they still have a female prime minister, Erna Solberg. Their government has 40% of women, and that is the one thing they need to work on to reach complete gender equity.

2. Australia is another country that is positive in gender equality. In Australia, girls get a sex education, which is a major issue in other countries. There is a 6.2% unemployment rate for women, but this is natural in developed countries because some women want to stay at home and care for children. Women are being underrepresented in government and their wage is 18.2% less than men. Although they have some major obstacles to overcome, Australia is moving upwards on the track to gender
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The countries that are negative in gender equity are Pakistan, Japan, Ethiopia, Qatar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Chad. Countries that are stagnant include Germany, Austria, and Rwanda. Countries that are positive include Norway, Australia, and Mongolia. There are many more negative countries then positive countries. The countries that are positive are helping out and trying to get the world to complete gender equality. Countries in need of help look up to positive countries and keep them as their role models. Gender equality can only be achieved slowly and steadily and it is a work in

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