Gender Equality In Kenya

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Task 1 Gender equality It is not alright that womankind can be degraded, disrespected and humiliated by men, because that is above all immoral and wrong. Gender equality is an incredibly important topic. Womankind throughout the history have fought for their rights. They managed to get their suffrage in countless countries some years ago, on the other hand there are still a lot of nations today where women do not have a voting right. Females in deprived states are forced to get married to more or less some stranger against their will. Women in Kenya, for instance, get a lower grade education than the opposite gender. In addition ladies in Kenya are limited from owning, buying and controlling property. In fact, only 29 percent of those who earn a sensible wage are women. Therefore they are doomed to depend on a man with a higher education. To conclude, it is just about impossible for a widow or an unmarried women to live an independent life. Besides females end up with suffering from extreme poverty In other countries females are being mercilessly violated. To illustrate, a news website wrote that a woman in India was cruelly/ruthlessly raped with some kind of pipe by approximately 6 men. This is just an atrocious disgrace for humans. Womenfolk should have the same rights and rules as men. Men earn more than women in many kingdoms. That is not fair, it is discriminating. Both genders have many abilities in common. In comparison one gender can have better ability in certain
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