Gender Equality In Sports

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Chair, Members of the House, Today, the Opposition would suggest that men and women should not co-compete in all sports. We completely disagree with this statement and by defending women 's rights in the sporting arena and elsewhere, we can begin to address a major global issue: gender equality. Discrimination against women is totally unacceptable whether it 's in the sporting arena or even in the work place or even in the kitchen. I wholeheartedly agree, that men and women have different physical attributes and throughout history have had numerous opportunities to develop their potential; however, I cerebrate that am athlete 's potential should not be judged according to his/her gender. It is far more important that athletes are judged solely on their current performance as people improve over time due to evolution. In the Greek Olympics Games which took place in 776BC, women were not even allowed to watch the Games. However, in the Modern ages, women are allowed to watch and play in the current Games proving that their performance can change over time. According to past history, men have had decades of advantages allowing them to compete in various sports. Do you want to achieve gender equality? By letting women and men co-compete in all sports would dissolve one of the global issues: women 's rights. Currently, the world 's situation would suggest that men are generally higher paid than women. This is proven in sports as men 's salaries are always higher than those
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