Gender Equality In Sports

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Rationale and scope: - Equality furnishes the society with fairness and respect. Although women and men are equal under law, in sports there is a lack of equality. Women entering sports field is not new today, but the public’s focus always seems to be less on women’s sports and people don’t seem to discuss it as frequently as men’s sports because they think women are not equal to men or “women are not fit for sports” and other such stereotypical beliefs. With this belief, I want to create an understanding and awareness in people’s minds about how female sportspersons are no less than their male counterparts. Global Perspectives: - Although progression towards neutralization of gender inequality continues, some people have that stereotypical mindset that women can only be best in some fields. Jumping back into history, the title IX was the law that swapped the future of girls in sports in the U.S.A. The title claims, “No person in the US shall on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination.” Before this, there were very less women participating in sports at college level. But after the introduction of the title IX, it increased by 41%. Yet the number of female sportspersons continues to be way less than men. The above pie chart is showing the percentage of sports covered on TV, news and sports centre. We can observe that the coverage of women’s sports is comparatively way less
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