Gender Equality In The House On Mango Street

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“Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor (Cisneros 9).” This quote shows that Esperanza, the main character of the story, desires for freedom but is unable to get it. Esperanza is the red balloon who is unable to float away and the anchor is the society that she lives in. Esperanza’s rights have been oppressed by her society which prevents her from getting freedom to certain rights. The theme of The House on Mango Street is that everyone should have equality. Our society should work towards equal rights in the following ways. Women and men should have gender equality. Racism should be abandoned. All classes of society should be treated like a human being. Our society would never reach true freedom until we are all equal. Women and men should have gender equality. Early in the novel, Esperanza addressed that the boys and girls in the novel are not allowed to be seen with one another. Later in…show more content…
In The House on Mango Street Esperanza said, “But what difference does it make? He wasn't anything to her… Just another brazer who didn't speak English. Just another wetback. You know the kind. The ones who always look ashamed (Cisneros 66).” Esperanza was referring to one of her friends named Marin, who was poor, and she was dancing with a guy, Geraldo, who was of the upper class. Marin was having a lot of fun but the guy was just treating her like she was nothing because she was of a lower class. Geraldo said that she is just another fool who is a Mexican immigrant, the ones who look like they are embarrassed of where they came from. Marin is from a lower class of society and because of this Geraldo treats her unfairly. Esperanza’s society would be better off if people were not judged based on their class in society. Treating people unfairly due to their class of society is degrading and makes them lose their dignity. Our society would be better if all classes of society were treated the
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