Gender Equality In Yemen

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Darkness, disgust, and hate. Everyday shadows are cast upon innocent souls of the world because of their physical and biological features. Suffering and pain are inflicted on the pure and innocent hearts of the world. The two genders of the world are forcefully divided amongst each other. Gender equality slowly decreasing ever since the beginning of time, one gender always looming over the other. Will rights ever be returned to those it was stolen from? Will females and males of the human race ever be equal once again? This research paper will portray the history, effects, and solutions of the notorious problem of the lacking need of gender equality.
Gender equality is a major problem that exists all around the world in present day.
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According to the article Women in Yemen, women there are exposed to many severe types of gender discrimination each day. Such as “physical and psychological abuse from family members, forced marriage, sexual harassment, forced pregnancy, rape, polygamy, health services deprivation and female genital mutilation/cutting”. Women there have to suffer from all of these horrid crimes each and every day of their lives. In the article Women in Yemen it has also declared that according to a study done in 2013 by UNICEF 50% of girls in Yemen are less likely to engage in an education than boys. Limited yemeni girls are likely to “complete basic secondary and post-secondary education”. (Women in Yemen). There is much more history to the fall of gender equality since the beginning of time, and the main causes of this fall. Not only in Yemen are women suffering, but all over the world. We can stop this madness by treating both genders…show more content…
In today’s society gender roles are basically expectations certain genders have on how to act and dress. For instance, girls are expected to dress very ladylike and to always act polite and caring. While men on the other hand are expected to act rough, tough, and bold. Stereotypes such as these can further cause unequal or unfair treatment between the two genders. The article What are gender roles and stereotypes?, states that there are four kinds of basic stereotypes; personality traits, domestic behaviors, occupations, and physical appearance. These four basic stereotypes is an enormous contribution to affecting a person’s role in their gender. People are expected to have certain personalities, act in certain ways, acquiring particular jobs or careers for a specific gender, and to only wear clothes that are expected of their

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