What Is Gender Inequality?

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The term ‘Gender’ in short refers to socially constructed definition of men and women. In other words to a simple definition of one’s sexuality based on masculinity and femininity. It determines the functions and roles attribute to men and women. In the dilemma of gender discourse it has unequal treatments, perception or opportunities based on gender which refers to gender inequality or gender based discriminations. Today it has a huge challenge and concerns to address the issue of gender inequality or gender based discrimination. This paper argues passing of legislature will not effectively address gender inequality or gender based discrimination at all level of the society. Even with a strong legislative framework it lacks to address the…show more content…
Those ideological belief systems hinder the relationship of power. An inequality within the household remains hidden and the issue gets more complex to address. This article is attempted to argue just a legislative framework will not effectively address the issue.

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There are various reasons that gender inequality exits in the all level of the society. One of the major factors is from the public to private sphere men are predominantly holding power and dominate the societies. It deprives women access to resources and it creates power dominance among men and women. Such societies are been called patriarchal societies and it creates ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ characteristics. “The dimensions of political gender inequality include women 's lower representation in elected
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The informal institutionalized social structures cannot be effectively addressed through a legislature. It has to be more targeted through gender sensitized community awareness programs. “They may have imagined that social structures simply affected others – women, the poor, backward castes, the residents of the colonies, and so forth. But this is an illusion. The market is itself a social structure and, as such, dictates to beneficiaries and victims alike how they are to conduct themselves. Social structures are the product of agency. Without conscious action, there would be no structures. But what makes a practice structural is that the patterning which results has implications and imposes constraints that correspond only imperfectly to the intentions of those who created them”. (NPTEL – Humanities and Social Sciences – Introduction to Sociology). Those structural connections have to be understood by the individuals of the society. Otherwise those barriers in the society result inequalities. For instance women are mostly seen as care givers and although they have a higher academics they ended up been a caretaker of the family which does not recognized the amount of work that women are been contributing to the development. More developmental programs have to be focused to eliminate the gender difference in

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