Gender Ethnography Essay

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Hello, I’m Heidi. I was born in the year of 2000 and I am a female, I live with both my parents and three younger brothers. I define myself as a Latina because both my parents are from Mexico; growing up I was raised with that culture and perceptive that they had to obey. Most won’t agree with me but genderization has consistently been a factor in society. When we are born we’re separated in categories; It’s a boy, It’s a girl. Why is that? I’ve always followed the etiquette for a young women, never really thinking that I had adopted a sculpted illusion. Despite following the requirements I’ve never been able to reach myself. In media we still get called out for being a “weak sex”. Over-emotional, dumb, a tool, it’s harassment yet the world says it’s just the…show more content…
Although I do follow on aspects of being a “girl”, being a ballet dancer I witness many gender comment, not only for women but males as well. By virtue of generalization, ballet is considered a “girl” activity. Males in this art usually experience negative remarks “feminine” is considered the most used one for a male dancer. Why would you stop something you love? Many have stopped because of what others think family, friends, the only reason they think this way is the very growth of genderization. One the other hand, ballet being a girl sport, girls still get discouraging criticis this falls back with having the image of a perfect women. Essentially the perfect body for a women would be an hourglass figure with a small waist; a perfect body for a ballet dancer is a narrow pelvis and average torso and long extremities. Completely opposite from each other, the women with the body of an hourglass figure will usually be the “happiest” for that’s the idealistic women. Meanwhile the ballerina accomplishing her dream will never get married. How deleterious it is. As I grow older I hope to dispatch myself from this nonsensical
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