Gender Expectations In The Outsiders

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S.E. Hinton the author of The Outsiders feels optimistic about the lives of teenagers in her community. For example, after being found Ponyboy and Johnny left the church not knowing what was going to happen in the future. On the ride home they noticed the church engulfed in big orange and red flames, the boys not caring what happened to them went “ through a window and pulled myself in.” (Hinton 91)S.E. Hinton showed this is what she thinks the teenagers in her community who may be “hoods” if given a push could do something this big. S.E. Hinton explained the main idea around the book was adults don’t understand us, teenagers, today, with which I agree with. For instance, both of my grandparents are very you could say traditional. So they need things to be one way, or if they don’t agree with it. Since I am of the male gender, my grandparents think I need to be super manly, and not really care about what kind of clothes I’m wearing, or I shouldn’t paint my nails. Yet I am probably the most feminine person you will meet, I mean I wear super tight jeans, and I think fashion express you. But my grandparents don’t agree with it. It the same way with the…show more content…
Not only where their limited female characters, but they also barely addressed any topic that was super important. For instance, Cherry one of the Characters that had anything to say did address how you may think they have a perfect life, but it a total opposite. But later in the book, Cherry wanted to help the greasers, but not only do one of the boy 's say "that took a lot of nerve. Some of was for jumping her then and there"(85) not carrying at all, but she was then marked as a traitor. As we can see, even if Cherry did address a topic, she was later put down. Which over the years has done a total 360, we have women like Micelle Obama fixing problems in the world. Females have a voice, and they are going to use

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