Gender Gap In Gender Management

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“GENDER GAP IN UPPER MANAGEMENT” Introduction: Workplace promotion is a burning issue among women in any given workforce. The representation of women in senior level management is a stark departure from the expectation. Through this project we delve deeper into the issues of promotion of employees and identify the gap in the existing policies or lack of such policies providing equal opportunity to workplace promotion for women.Corporate policies and practices in training and career development, promotion, and compensationare often identified as major components of the glass ceiling that prevent women from making it to the top. The experience that women need in areas such as operations, manufacturing, or marketing is often not offered to young women managers. This line experience is often deemed an essential prerequisite for the CEO position and other senior management positions. General Issue: “Gender discrimination seen as biggest barrier to workplace promotion among women”, This issue is significant because the claims to equal opportunity are a fundamental right- Right to Equality is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution of India. The point of gender bias has been a sensitive issue for many women who report/complain of ineffectiveness in HR policies in curtailing such biases. Our motivation for choosing this topic is attributed to the age long debate of gender discrimination/bias. As per the recent
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