Gender: Gender, Identity, Gender And Gender Roles

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What is gender?
Gender is the intersection of the relationships between sex, gender identity, sexuality and gender expression; gender is an achieved status
Gender is not just sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexuality. These aspects are a basis for gender, but they do not determine gender.
Sex is the measurable organs (anatomies), hormones and chromosomes that determines us as male, female or intersex. It is what we are born with, a product of biological processes (DNA, evolution, mutation, replication, reproduction, and selection). Sex is a biological construct, as opposed to gender which is a social and cultural construct.
Gender identity is one’s self perception, sense of belonging to being woman, man or a genderqueer (both or none). It is our own interpretation of who we are, and what we recognize ourselves as. It is our internal sense of self.
Gender expression is how we act and interact with others in our daily lives, how we demonstrate ourselves through the traditional gender roles and expresses through the way we dress, our behaviors, and our interaction with others. Gender expression is how we exhibit masculinity or femininity in our daily lives.
Sexuality is who you are spiritually, physically, emotionally attracted to based on their gender in relation to your own. You could be a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or pansexual.
These aspects help to generate how individuals experience, exhibit, and recognize their gender, in relation to their

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