Gender Identity And Sexuality

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The topic of gender identity and sexuality has always been the center of intense debates and discussions but the common mistake most people delve into is that they are not aware of the wrong definition of the terms they are using. Their incorrect usage leads to the misconceptions and unfamiliarity of the people towards the terminologies. Human Resource Campagin (HRC) (n.d.), defined gender identity as the person’s psychological identification as to whether they are a male or a female while sexuality is as to who they are emotionally or physically attracted to. Now, transgender is basically when a person’s gender identity does not conform to the societal views for the physical sex they were born with. In the APA Council of Representatives (2011)…show more content…
It is true the some of them would identify themselves queer but as said by Clark (2013), “being trans is not linked at someone’s sexual orientation”. Having a trans partner does not remove the possibility of having a cis partner. Another misconception is that trans people are seen as traps. It is the person’s responsibility to ask since trans people not deceiving anyone since they are using their identified gender. “For example, when a student transitions from male to female, she is expressing her true self to the world. She deserves to be recognized and respected like any other girl should be” (“Gender Identity Myths and Facts”, n.d.). Most trans people choose not to disclose their status since they have a notion that they might become a victim of harassment or assault. Next, trans people are known to always want a hormone intake or surgery. This is not the case for all of them and it is always a matter of choice. Some prefer to have their original body intact since it is based on how comfortable they are with it. Others refuse because difficulty of transition. There are ones who do not want to pursue it only because the difficult access for proper medical cares…show more content…
This topic needs to be discussed more not only in schools but in local communities because this way, opinions about trans people would change and that it will lessen the prejudice that had been the basis of the stigma of them. Conservatism will only further restrict the way of thinking of the people and society in a way would suffer the consequences of their narrow-mindedness when the time comes. In my opinion, transgender people are normal and I can’t sense what makes them different from the others. We all have our own opinions regarding our lifestyle so we don’t have a right to judge the way others find their own

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