Gender Identity And Transgender Inequality

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Transgender Inequalities
The transgender community is constantly being discriminated and having their rights taken away left and right. Americans have not been fully educated on what it means to be transgender, which most of the time leads to the ideology to discriminate. Lack of education on this matter can result in serious negative impacts. To educate the reader on this matter, transgender is defined, by the Webster’s Dictionary, as relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex. As stated on an article from emedicinehealth, “Gender identity is your internal sense of whether you are male or female,” meaning what transgenders feel internally does not match their body structure. Most transgenders, including me, feel trapped in the bodies they were born with. Essentially, what they recognize is that their bodies do not justify the way they feel about themselves. (“Gender Identity and Transgender Issues”). Transgenders are denounced as “other,” and live their daily lives being excluded from and discriminated in this gender-specific society, which leads to trans students being bullied by students and faculty, physical assault, losing family and those close, suicide and suicide attempts, denial of medical services and coverage, job loss, and even homelessness.
Most people assume that the LGBTQ community appeared overnight, while in fact, they have not. The first documented transgender dates back to ancient
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