Gender Identity In Allison Bechdel's Fun Home

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What is the reason society forces us to identify each other’s gender roles as male or female? This is a common question well worth exploring. When it comes to gender roles in society we dictate what behaviors are considered acceptable for someone based on their sex. The world has changed drastically on how gender roles are viewed. For example, actress Megan Fox, does not force gender roles onto her 4-year-old son. Megan stated that she allows him to wear dresses and says in her house her children can be whoever they want to be. Even though some people are here for what she’s doing with her child, we also have some people who do not accept it. In the graphic novel “Fun Home” by Allison Bechdel, the author shares her personal life as far as her relationship with her gay father, and the discovery of her sexuality. Both Allison and her father struggled with their sexual orientation and gender identity. The novel “Fun Home” revolves…show more content…
Societal expectation on gender roles, and appearances are mainly focused in this novel. As Allison’s father changes the wallpaper for her room she stated “But I hate pink! I hate flowers!” (Bechdel 7). Why are the colors pink and blue considered as a female/male color? This demonstrates what we learn based on our sex, along with assumptions that liking that color and flowers are mainly for girls. When it comes to appearances are women not considered as pretty if they don’t “dress and accessorize” like one. “You need some pearls. What are you afraid of? Being beautiful? Put it on, goddamn it!” (Bechdel 99). Was Mr. Bechdel informing that his daughter was not attractive if she didn’t accessorize? An accessory such as pearls should not define a woman as beautiful. Society shouldn’t be the ones to tell us how we appear to them based on the way we look. Between her and her dad it was a “war of cross-purposes” (Bechdel 98) as she
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