Gender In Onah's Disobedience

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besides, held a most impious disobedience (Behn, 84).” Her race and gender intersect because she has no power which is shown when she is not allow to refuse the king when he makes advances to her and it is common for men to have more than one wife. Onahal is also a great example in showing the difference between their race and gender because she is an old mistress of the king and it is shown since her beauty has “decayed,” the only use she has is to train the new young beauties. “And certainly, nothing is more afflicting to a decayed beauty, than to behold in itself declining charms, that were once adored: and to find those caresses paid to new beauties, to which once she laid claim; to hear them whisper, as she passes by, ‘that once was a…show more content…
There is a key difference between the white women and Imoinda because she goes against the “helpless woman” act that the white women have portrayed. During the slave rebellion she becomes a heroine, by fighting beside Oroonoko’s side. “His heroic Imoinda, who, grown big as she was, did nevertheless press near her lord, having a bow and a quiver full of poisoned arrows, which she managed with such dexterity, that she wounded several, and shot the governor into the shoulder (Behn, 129).” Even with her limited power, she portrays bravery and features of a heroine who will fight beside Oroonoko as his equal to require freedom for her and her child. She also gladly accepts death by her husband’s hand and honors his decision. She would rather die than chose to continue to live as a slave with her child. This decision she
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