Ridenour Gender In Schools Critical Analysis

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A Critical Review of “Gender in Schools: A Qualitative Study of Students in Educational Administration” by Mary Lou Andrews & Carolyn S. Ridenour Though the number of skilled women are increasing by time in administration, management and other job opportunities which have been considered as men’s profession, gender problems still exist in these areas. In the article, Mary Lou Andrews and Carolyn S. Ridenour (2006) make an effort to identify the impact of educational administration graduate class in diversity on students’ awareness of how gender plays a role in school culture and climate. The article seems to be valuable for identifying the diversity of learners and getting information about gender-awareness training. However, the authors fail to choose the right methodology for investigating students’…show more content…
Ridenour (2006) tried to examine gender-awareness training as part of a school administrator preparation program and its effects on students preparing to become school leaders and the main purpose was investigating whether the students who took this course, became more aware of gender discrimination, power differences and gender stereotyping, or not. For starting qualitative study, 122 graduate students were chosen for attending in a cultural diversity course maintained journals of their experience at the University of Dayton. The authors kept records of teaching the course and selected written assignments given to the students, according to Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium standards, which drive reform in school leadership. To sum up, the results of qualitative study were becoming obvious of gender stereotypes, students’ showing greater awareness of gender discrimination and power differences based on gender, exhibiting the importance of gender-biased language and students’ changing practice in the classroom toward more gender
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