Gender In The Film She's The Man

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Have you ever realized how society put us in categories, on how we should act according to our gender? Or have you ever watched commercials that actually try to break free from the gender stereotypes? If not then you should pay attention. Gender is something that strongly influences the world around us, whether it influences our behavior or how people treat us, it is still something with great power. Investigating how we are socialized in regards to gender is interesting because it is such a broad topic on how society characterizes everyone by gender. The biological categories of gender strongly influence the social dynamics of gender (Conley 281). Gender matters because it structures relations between people, but as gender structures relation it does this on unequal ground.…show more content…
In this movie I noticed that masculinity and femininity are portrayed throughout the movie. The themes masculinity and femininity are portrayed in this movie from the very beginning when the girls’ soccer team has been cut. Viola confronts the boys’ soccer coach and asks him to let the girls try out for the boys’ team to which the coach says, “Girls aren’t as fast as boys…. Or strong… or athletic… it’s a scientific fact”. At this point, a few of the male players join in on the conversation and react by laughing, basically giving off the message that girls aren’t allowed on their team. This scene represents the many stereotypes and the ideals of masculinity and femininity, which society uses to determine “correct” gender-based behavior. By stating that women aren’t as good at sports as men, the coach is basing his opinions of gender roles on the belief that men are faster, stronger, and more
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